Indie Wiki Buddy Privacy Policy

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This website is hosted on Cloudflare Pages. Cloudflare's privacy policy is available here.

The Indie Wiki Buddy browser extension links to and redirects users to external, third-party websites not controlled by the extension. These websites have their own privacy policies and practices. Users should visit these websites at their own risk.

The Indie Wiki Buddy browser extension does not collect or transmit any information about you. The extension's settings are stored locally in your browser and/or in your browser's sync feature, if supported.

If the BreezeWiki redirect functionality has been enabled, the extension will pull a list of working BreezeWiki instances from, which is managed by the Indie Wiki Buddy developer and delivered via Cloudlfare Pages. This is done in order to provide the extension with an up-to-date list of working BreezeWiki mirrors.

Indie Wiki Buddy will also send an "x-indie-wiki" header whenever you visit a supported BreezeWiki mirror; this header informs BreezeWiki about whether you have Indie Wiki Buddy, whether it is on, and whether you have BreezeWiki redirecting enabled. This allows BreezeWiki to customize itself for a better experience (such as hiding any promotions for Indie Wiki Buddy).

Your browser and the online store you acquire the extension through (e.g. Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons) may perform its own data collection.