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Discover independent wikis on your favorite topics

On an internet dominated by ads and corporate-run websites, Indie Wiki Buddy is a browser extension that helps you easily find and support independent wikis.

When you visit a wiki on Fandom or Fextralife, this extension will notify or automatically redirect you to quality independent wikis when they're available. Search results in Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Brave, Ecosia, Startpage, Qwant, Kagi, and Yandex can also be filtered, guiding you to visit an independent counterpart instead.

Indie Wiki Buddy supports over 300 quality, independent wikis across 17 languages. And you're in full control -- you can choose your experience wiki-by-wiki!

Indie Wiki Buddy also supports BreezeWiki, a service that renders Fandom wikis without ads or bloat. Once enabled, BreezeWiki provides a more enjoyable reading experience when an independent wiki isn't available!


Once installed, you can access the extension's settings popup via the icon of an arrow pointing to the right in the top bar, at the top right.
If you don't see the icon, it may be in the extension dropdown, which is a jigsaw icon in both Firefox and Chrome.
A screenshot of the Indie Wiki Buddy popup settings
Inside this popup, you can toggle the extension on and off via the power button at the top right.

The first set of options let you quickly set the default behavior for all wikis. First, you can select happens when you visit Fandom and Fextralife wikis in which an independent wiki is available. The second option is for what happens in search engines when you get results for Fandom and Fextralife wikis that have independent counterparts. Below that are several global options:
At the bottom of the settings popup, you can click "View All Settings" to open a full settings page where you can configure your settings per-wiki.
A screenshot of the Indie Wiki Buddy settings screen

Submit a Wiki

We're always looking for more wikis to add to the extension!

Here are the criteria:
If the independent wiki meets the criteria, you can submit it to be included in one of the following ways:

Frequently asked questions

Why does this exist?
Large, corporate-run wiki farms have enabled hundreds of great wikis and communities. Unfortunately, these wiki farms can easily overshadow quality independent wikis, especially in search engine results. Independent wikis often have the benefit of greater self-determination and fewer ads, but are easily missed by users who aren't aware of their existence. This extension aims to help wiki readers discover and user quality, independent wikis.

Why does this extension need access to so many sites?
Indie Wiki Buddy requests access to,, and These are the wiki platforms that Indie Wiki Buddy will redirect from.

Indie Wiki Buddy also requests access to BreezeWiki and its mirrors, in order to perform redirects and display redirect banners.

Indie Wiki Buddy also requests access to ten search engines: Google (across all its country domains), Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Brave, Startpage, Ecosia, Kagi, Qwant, and Yandex in order to filter search results on those sites. There are almost 200 different domains for Google Search by country (e.g.,,, etc.), which take up most of the site accesses you see.

The full list of sites Indie Wiki Buddy requests access to is available here.

Indie Wiki Buddy never transmits or stores data from these sites. Access is only used in order to perform redirects, display alert banners, and filter search results.

Why does the latest update require more permissions?
If an Indie Wiki Buddy update is requesting more permissions, it's usually to add access to a search engine or BreezeWiki mirror that we are now supporting.

You can check the changelog for what has changed with each update, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us (contact info at bottom of page).

Where can I find a list of supported wikis?
Check out the list of wikis!

For independent wikis to be added to the extension, why do they need to be of equal quality and coverage as its non-independent counterpart?
The extension's primary audience is made up of readers looking for information, and pointing them towards wikis that might not have the information they're seeking isn't an ideal experience.

What happens when there are multiple independent wikis on the same topic?
We will try to redirect to the most complete wiki, and will also consider factors such as what is most popular in the wiki subject's community.

Can I see or contribute to the code?
Yes! Indie Wiki Buddy is open source and available on GitHub.

Question not answered? Please get in touch using the contact info below!


Feel free to get in touch with questions, comments, or ideas!
A Hamstro project by Kevin Payravi

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